Public Safety and Cleanliness

aerial image of burien, waMaintaining the cleanliness and safety of our streets has been a major point of emphasis for the City and the business community as Burien has grown. This emphasis extends to all corners of the city, and includes many programs that help to maintain the comfortable, main-street feel that our community enjoys. Programs include:

Public Safety and Cleanliness

Graffiti Removal Program

The City offers a graffiti-removal program for commercial properties absolutely free of charge. Once notified of the graffiti, the City’s contractor will send a crew to the site and match the paint as close as possible to the building color. Removal may consist of pressure washing prior to repainting if needed. Go to Code Compliance to learn more about the Graffiti Removal program.

Clean and Safe Streets Litter Pick-up

The City contracts with Discover Burien to fund pickup of garbage and litter in the downtown area. Several times a week, the Team Clean Sweep services their routes to ensure that our streets are clean and inviting. Feel free to wave to them in their bright yellow jackets when you see them around town!

Dumpster Lock Program

Recology CleanScapes provides locks for commercial containers upon request. Each lock comes with two keys for customer use. On your scheduled collection day, Recology CleanScapes will unlock and relock the container. On collection day, you will need to unlock the container prior to service. To join, contact Recology at 206-767-3322 or

No Trespass Program

The Burien Police Department offers a no trespass program that provides police with permission to remove individuals who are trespassing on private property during or after business hours without needing to contact the business owner. To join, fill out the no trespass letter.

City of Burien Police Consultation

The Burien Police Department offers free public safety consultations to businesses that would like advice on how best to make their building, equipment, customers and employees as safe as possible. Please contact economic development staff at 206-436-5579 to set up a consultation.