It’s Easier to Develop Properties & Expand a Business in Burien

burien, wa site selectionBurien is pro-growth and pro-development. Our city is open to investment and our economic development team is here to make finding a site easier.

We have helped to make projects work by grouping properties together, working with existing property owners who are interested in selling, helping businesses to navigate the permitting process, and working with city council to find solutions to unique challenges. Though we are not real estate brokers, we are an advocate for growth and work closely with brokers to help businesses and investors find sites that will work for their specific needs. 

If you are looking for a property in Burien, are interested in exploring investment opportunities, or need assistance with regulations or permits, contact us. 

“The City was excellent in helping me find a space for my business.”

— Pete Borjdahl, Founder of Parallel Public Works