Burien Businesses Benefit from Robust Workforce Programs

Burien is home to a talented, diverse, and highly capable workforce. And, thanks to a number of higher education and training programs in the area, tapping into this talent pipeline has also never been easier. Businesses can get a head start by posting a job, attending a job fair, or requesting a table at one of Highline College’s quarterly job fairs.

Whether you are looking to add employees or enhance the skills of your current workforce, the City of Burien is committed to helping you navigate a variety of resources and getting you the workforce you need. For businesses seeking to add or train employees, contact Economic Development Manager Chris Craig.

Workforce Programs

Job Skills Program

If you would like financial assistance with training or retraining your employees, the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges’ Job Skills Program (JSP) offers matching grants for up to 50 percent of training and retraining costs.

Washington Customized Training Program for Employers (CTP)

The Washington Customized Training Program for Employers (CTP) provides interest-free loan assistance to businesses that provide employment opportunities in the state. Training services that are funded by the program include:

  • English language for non-native speakers
  • Technical skills and job-related instruction
  • Skills assessment and evaluation
  • Training equipment, materials, facilities and supplies
  • Businesses that apply for funding through this program are eligible to receive B&O tax credits equal to 50 percent of the full cost of the training.

Workforce Programs

As the closest higher education institution to Burien, Highline College works directly with businesses to design, develop, and offer customized training that meets their particular needs.

Also nearby are a variety of higher-education institutions offering a unique set of training programs and opportunities.

WorkSource Recruitment Assistance Program

The WorkSource Recruitment Assistance Program can help businesses to hire the talent they need to succeed.