Burien, WA Investment Opportunities

Burien is pioneering development programs that make it more profitable to invest in the city. Developers and investors can be confident in the support they will receive from our economic development team and council.

The City of Burien is constantly innovating and changing how developers, investors and businesses work with a city. We're open to ideas, collaboration and working together to create projects that benefit all of our residents. 


Target Industry Investment Opportunities

Burien has identified several target industries that are growing and have the potential for exponential growth in the city. These industries are supported by our diverse talent and benefit from access to the region's most affordable real estate prices, low taxes and a strong network of locally-owned businesses. Explore the opportunities in retail, hotel, office, housing and the arts.

investmentSite-specific Investment Opportunities

The city has several properties that are being prepared for development. All are in Opportunity Zones. The city is open to suggestions for how to best utilize these sites and invites developers and businesses to contact us to discuss their ideas

  1. Port property
  2. TOD site
  3. L-shaped property in Downtown

It’s an exciting time to invest in Burien.

“We are actively looking at new projects in Burien because the city has been open to negotiating on development agreements and our projects have gone well."

— Dave Sinnett, American Capital Group