Seattle is giving money to help businesses harmed by the King County vaccine verification mandate

3 Nov 2021


In the first 10 days of the King County mandated vaccine verification program, businesses have seen a signification drop in economic activity, some reporting losing up to half their business, threatening job losses and reduced working hours.

Now officials in Seattle are planning to pay out $2 million in business assistance to make up for losses created by King County mandates.  In other words, a local government is trying to ease the pain imposed by the policies of another government. The planned grants are for up to $1,000 dollars paid to various types of business. For some businesses, however, this will not be enough to prevent them from cutting jobs or even closing.

Consider restaurants. Many operate on razor thin profit margins. The margin on food is as thin as 3% or 4%. A restaurant will not be able to operate unless it cuts staff. This will slow economic recovery and put more pressure on the unemployment trust fund as jobless staff members claim unemployment benefits.

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