Entrepreneur Builds Two Companies in Burien

7 Jul 2022

Success Stories

michael johnsonFor 25 years, Michael Johnson has been straddling the fence between two industries - accounting and entertainment. Over the years, he has helped artists and musicians with bookkeeping, tax return filings, and other accounting needs. And he gets huge satisfaction in getting systems to perform as best as they can. Michael and co-owner René Hernandez founded Taxbunny Bookkeeping & Tax Service in 2017, to help people from various career and personal backgrounds to feel confident in their finances. Their specialty, however, lies in working with Independent Contractors, Musicians, Artists, and Small Businesses - industries that are thriving in Burien and throughout the Seattle region.

Michael, who relocated his office late last year, says running a business in a self-contained town like Burien (about 10 miles from Seattle) has been very satisfying. “I wanted to establish a professional office where customers would feel welcome, and it would be easy for them to get to,” he said. Given Burien’s proximity to Seattle and SeaTac International Airport, the city is a central location for the small business owners and artists that utilize their services. “I also wanted it somewhere close to my previous workplace. The City of Burien was gracious and offered help with the relocation,” he affirms.

Helping Business Owners Grow In The Seattle Region

Michael works closely with small business owners. “Independently owned and operated business enterprises are the heartbeat of Burien and the South Seattle region. But it is these very business owners who face unique challenges, which could range from inventory control to staffing, marketing, and revenue generation,” he says.

“We help with all aspects of their business from addressing these routine challenges to filing their federal income taxes, bookkeeping, business formation and licensing, notary, federal and state quarterly tax returns, and managing their payroll.”

Michael has also helped businesses successfully navigate challenges brought about by COVID-19. “We have helped businesses to obtain  PPP and EIDL loans,  as well as PPP waivers. As far as our other services go, we will always adapt to changes in the economic climate,” he said.

Burien Has A Strong Entrepreneurial Community 

“The city of Burien has been very encouraging. People here are go-getters”, Michael emphasizes.  “I help business owners draw a connection between what has meaning for them and how some sound accounting could help them reach their goals,” he said. 

Burien Is the Right Location to Grow

As for Michael Johnson, the City of Burien has proven to be the right place to help him achieve his own goals as a business owner. Apart from being an expert accountant and bookkeeper Michael is also a licensed customs broker and is adding this service through another business he started. “I have rented a separate office in Burien for this service too,” he says. “Burien’s adjacency to SeaTac International and proximity to the Port of Seattle’s waterfront terminals makes it the right location for my custom brokerage business.” 

Expanding two businesses during the pandemic is quite an accomplishment. The city of Burien has been available to help Michael Johnson achieve his expansion goals. It offers this same support for any business owner looking to grow their business in a convenient, central, and dynamic location within the Seattle market. 

If you are a business owner, the City can help you to find a new location and offers several services to help your business grow. For more information, contact Economic Development Manager, Chris Craig. You can also learn more about office development and lease opportunities here.