Burien is 15 Minutes from Seattle & 5 Minutes to the Airport

12 Jan 2023


Burien, WA offers unmatched connectivity to the Pacific Northwest’s largest city - Seattle, and the country’s 9th busiest airport - Sea-Tac International. “Burien is in the perfect location because we have immediate access to the airport, light rail and public transportation, and two freeways that are rarely backed up. One of them, State Route 509, goes directly to Seattle so you can be in the city within 15 minutes,” said Chris Craig, Economic Development Manager for the City of Burien. 

Burien’s Proximity to Seattle & Sea-Tac International Could Be Your Advantage

There are several ways businesses can leverage Burien’s convenient location, including:

#1 Airport access

Businesses whose customers and employees regularly travel can open an office 5 minutes from Sea-Tac International Airport. People flying in can have a meeting and leave on the same day. Simultaneously, salespeople can travel up and down the west coast while starting or ending the day in the office.

#2 Light Rail and public transportation make for easy commuting

It’s easy to reach Burien and to travel throughout the region using mass transit.

#3 The Port of Seattle is minutes away

The Port of Seattle and the industrial part of the city are easier to reach from Burien than if coming from north Seattle, within the city itself. For businesses importing, exporting or manufacturing products, Burien is a more convenient location than anywhere else in the region outside of the city. 

#4 Downtown Seattle and business meetings are 15 minutes away

Making meetings is easier when located so close to the city. Meeting with bankers, investors and partners take minutes, as opposed to hours sitting in traffic on I-5. 

#5 It’s more affordable to open an office in Burien

Seattle and the east side are significantly more expensive than Burien. We pride ourselves on having access to the same talent and capital markets while offering businesses the opportunity to have an overhead that’s manageable. If you're a business considering going remote or downsizing your physical space, take a look at Burien and our affordable options first. 

Burien is Connected to the Seattle Region & the World

If connectivity is important to your business, you belong in Burien. Contact Chris Craig, Economic Development Manager for information on available office space and to learn more about the city.