Championing Women-Owned Businesses and Empowering Economic Development in Burien, WA

Championing Women-Owned Businesses and Empowering Economic Development in Burien, WA Main Photo

28 Mar 2024

In Burien, WA, vibrant women-owned businesses are not just establishments; they are pillars of empowerment, innovation, and a welcoming spirit. These entrepreneurs have chosen Burien as the backdrop for their endeavors, drawn by its unique charm, diverse cultures, and commitment to economic growth.

From the revitalized Three Tree Point Store, where Nelle Bruce has transformed a family home into a thriving market, to Jazmin Williams' BLKBRY, which provides crucial support to Black birthing people, and Kim Davis' Davis Group Real Estate, which drives entrepreneurship and community engagement, these women are shaping Burien's future with their passion and dedication. Each story is a testament to the diverse businesses that call Burien home, adding to its allure and sense of community.

Preserving Heritage, Creating Community: Nelle Bruce's Vision and The Story of Three Tree Point Store

Three Tree Point Store, led by Nelle Bruce, is a beacon of revitalization in Burien, Washington. Once a family home, this historic landmark thrives as a modern corner market offering specialty and local goods. Nelle's commitment to preserving Burien's heritage was made possible by the City of Burien adopting the Legacy Storefront Business Ordinance, which revives the area's commercial spaces in local neighborhoods.

Balancing work and family, Nelle has created a welcoming space where neighbors gather over fine wines, craft beers, and delicious food. Her dream of expanding to include more seating and outdoor activities reflects her dedication to serving the neighborhood and enhancing Burien's natural beauty. Three Tree Point Store embodies Burien's spirit with its scenic beauty, pocket neighborhoods, and hidden gems. It offers a warm welcome to every customer and fosters a sense of community that defines the area.

BLKBRY: Jazmin Williams' Vision for Empowering Black Birthing Experiences

BLKBRY, founded by Jazmin Williams, is a beacon of support and empowerment for Black birthing people. Since 2019, Jazmin and her team have provided culturally responsive, evidence-based care, aiming to prevent harm and trauma experienced by Black birthing individuals.

Their practice builds power and autonomy through trust-based relationships, community restoration, and holistic birthing knowledge. BLKBRY invests in the Black ecosystem by collaborating with Black specialists and purchasing from local Black-owned businesses, contributing to the cultural and economic growth of Washington State's Black community. Jazmin's commitment to equity and empowerment makes BLKBRY a transformative force.

Kim Davis: A Leader in Real Estate and Local Development

Kim Davis, managing broker of Davis Group Real Estate in Burien, WA, is a true entrepreneur and community engagement leader. With a corporate and residential real estate background, Kim's decision to start her own firm reflects her dedication to empowering women and supporting local economic development.

As chair of Burien's Business and Economic Development Partnership (BEDP) and a member of Discover Burien, Kim actively volunteers and sponsors events, fostering a stronger, more vibrant area. Her future goals include growing her brokerage while staying involved through volunteer work, including organizing community events that support local businesses and bring people together. Davis Group Real Estate, under Kim's leadership, is not just a brokerage; it's a cornerstone of community stewardship in Burien.

The Impact of Women-Owned Businesses on the Economy and the Workforce

Women-owned businesses are making waves nationally and locally in Washington state. Among Washington's top 50 women-owned companies, these businesses are a significant economic force, generating $1.333 billion in revenue and providing employment for 4,167 people. Their impact is not only economic but also extends to the social fabric of their communities.

Women-owned businesses are a growing force in the global economy, contributing significantly to job creation and GDP. According to Wells Fargo's 2024 Impact of Women-Owned Businesses study, in 2023, 14 million women-owned businesses (39.1% of U.S. firms) employed 12.2 million people (9.2% of the workforce) and generated $2.7 trillion in revenue (5.8% of total national firm revenue).

Between 2019 and 2023, the number of women-owned businesses increased by nearly double the rate of men-owned businesses. And from 2022 to 2023, the growth rate increased 4.5 times that of men's. The employment rate of women-owned firms grew 3.5 times that of men between 2019 and 2023 and nearly five times that from 2022 to 2023.

For cities like Burien, it's evident that the city offers support and resources. With an affordable real estate market, women entrepreneurs and start-ups get more space for their dollars, making it a prime location for diverse businesses.

Moving Forward Together

As women entrepreneurs continue to grow their presence in Burien, launching companies, assuming leadership roles, and expanding into diverse industries, it becomes evident that closing the gaps between women- and men-owned businesses greatly benefits the local economy and our community character.

Through collaboration, small business support, and action, we can build a community where success is driven by the talent and dedication of all our residents. Click here to learn more about the many individuals, organizations, and businesses that call Burien home.