Site Selection Assistance in Burien (the Pacific Northwest)

2 Feb 2023


Site consultants - if you need help finding a location in the Pacific Northwest, Chris Craig, Economic Development Manager, is available to assist. “Burien is the prime Pacific Northwest location. We are 5 minutes from Sea-Tac International Airport, the 9th busiest in the country, and 15 minutes from Seattle, but without the price tag. Burien is 22+ percent less expensive than Seattle and our connectivity is better,” he said. 

Find a Site in the Pacific Northwest by Coming to Burien

You can start your search here by viewing properties for sale or lease in Burien. “There may be other properties for sale or lease that are not actively listed. In some cases, property owners have expressed an interest to sell but do not want to market the property. Calling us is a good way to find out about those properties and to get a full idea of the available sites and buildings for sale or lease near Seattle,” said Craig. 

“We want to help site consultants make an informed recommendation. By providing demographic data and assistance with site location services, we are offering no-cost support,” he said. “Contact me for more information on Burien, the Pacific Northwest and for site selection assistance.”