Burien Has a Multilingual Workforce

9 Feb 2023


In Burien, 33 percent of residents speak a language in addition to English. Our multilingual workforce is ideal for supporting companies serving diverse customer populations, and for those doing business internationally. “Our diverse workforce is a true asset for international companies and those with an emphasis on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion,” said Lorraine Chachere, Economic Development Specialist for the City of Burien. “Our workforce is spread out across sectors as well, so it’s easy to find people to work in business services, healthcare, retail, restaurants, technology and small-scale manufacturing,” she said. 

Burien Pulls Workers from the Seattle MSA

Burien, WA is 15 minutes from Seattle and part of the Seattle MSA. Businesses within the city can pull workers from the entire region, one known for being highly skilled, especially in technology and advanced manufacturing. “There is no shortage of workers in Burien or the region. We are one of the fastest-growing MSAs in the country. Businesses can easily solve their workforce challenges by locating here,” said Chris Craig, Economic Development Manager for the City of Burien. “The advantage of opening a location here is that even though we pull from the Seattle MSA, Burien has its own local workforce who would enjoy working within the city to avoid the commute. As a result, businesses find that when they have openings they get a lot of applications.”

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