You Belong in Burien (Here’s Why)

16 Feb 2023


You belong in Burien and we would love to have you here! Burien is a welcoming and inclusive community that is incredibly diverse - both in population and lifestyle. You can live in a condo downtown and walk to shops and restaurants, live on Lake Burien, near the water with views of the Puget Sound, or in charming older neighborhoods with old-growth trees and nearby parks. Whatever lifestyle you choose - you can find it in Burien. 

Here’s why we think you belong here:

#1 Everyone is welcome

33 percent of Burien’s residents speak a language in addition to English. Our community’s diversity makes everyone feel welcome because we celebrate all cultures and backgrounds. 

#2 Burien is pro-community

Burien is a city where it’s easy to feel connected to fellow residents, businesses, schools and the city government. Being pro-community means having an inclusive atmosphere and considering everyone as we plan for growth or plan to have fun. 

#3 It’s affordable

The Seattle region has gotten incredibly expensive and for some people that means they no longer belong, because they can’t afford to. Burien is one of the few places left where you can purchase a home with a middle-class job and live comfortably. 

Of course, these are only a few of the benefits of living and working in Burien. We encourage you to learn more about our community here